Videos – Talking Pictures 2021

2021 Talking Pictures videos

If you weren’t able to attend Talking Pictures at Papercuts Comics Festival 2021, or just want to relive the magic of the night, videos of each of the presentations are available to view below. Watch (in the order in which they spoke) Lisa Vertudaches, Jana Hoffmann, Jessica Zeng, Adam Gillespie, Anthea Wright, Rachel Ang, Mitch Hearn, Sarah Milne and Owen Heitmann read their comics on the theme ‘Food’.

Lisa Vertudaches

You can find more from Lisa here.

Jana Hoffmann

You can find more from Jana here. The Lonely Giant is available to buy in print here and in various retailers.

Jessica Zeng

You can find Jess on Instagram.

Adam Gillespie

You can find Adam on Instagram. A Brief History of Chinese Takeaway is available to buy in print from Adam or Greenlight Comics.

Anthea Wright

You can find more from Anthea here.

Rachel Ang

You can find more from Rachel here.

Mitch Hearn

You can find Mitch on Instagram.

Sarah Milne

You can find Sarah at the crossroads at midnight. Personal Growth is available in print here.

Owen Heitmann

You can find Owen mostly offline, at comics-related events in South Australia and interstate. Much of his work (but not this comic) is available through Amplified Press and various retailers.

Videography by Ben Duigan. Auslan sign interpretation in the videos was provided by Deaf Can Do.

Talking Pictures was presented in collaboration with the University of Adelaide Department of Media and the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice.


Talking Pictures is based on similar events held interstate under the name Read To Me, with the permission and cooperation of Read To Me co-creators Gabriel Clark and Fionn McCabe.